Letter From Our President

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/pennaM100x100.jpgThank you for your interest in Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc. I appreciate this opportunity to share with you the focus and passion that drives my company.

When I go to my doctor, or take my child, parent, or loved one to their healthcare provider, I hope that the quality of our care is my provider’s first and foremost concern. But just as we are faced with the ever-changing healthcare environment, our providers are challenged daily by the increasing complexity of data management and the substantial overhead expended by patient flow management. The additional stress levied upon our healthcare providers and the labor required to provide proper patient care, both administratively and clinically, must be addressed.

These concerns are the driving force behind CHS. Our focus and passion is to increase the quality of patient care by providing patient flow software solutions addressing administrative, clinical, and technological needs. This enables healthcare providers and their staff to directly and effectively overcome daily challenges.

CHS is different because we partner with your practice. Our unique approach of customizing your software to meet your needs is reflected in system implementation, training, and support. At CHS, we have dedicated our resources to a continuing evolution of our products in a proactive manner. Our vision, along with direct consultation from our clients, has made CHS' solution what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.

My pledge to you is that the staff at CHS will always treat you professionally and respectfully. We will work continually to provide state-of-the-art solutions to pertinent challenges, provide knowledgeable support and training, and technological options to fit your specific patient standard of care. Most importantly, CHS will take care of you and your staff, so you can better take care of us, your patients.

Michael A. Penna
President, CHS